Schermata home app - Giochi di luce a ritmo di musica per eventi e concerti - Bepix App Mobile Schermata app - Giochi di luce a ritmo di musica per eventi e concerti - Bepix App Mobile Be involved,
be enthusiastic, Bepix!
A new way to live shows, concerts and sport events! Do you want your audience to became part of the show? Turn each of them in a living pixel! To read more be enthusiastic,
Be involved,
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Download the app

Go to the store, download the free Bepix app and discover a new way to take part of shows


Press “Participate” to be ready to become a living pixel of the maxi screen

Enjoy the show

Normally use your smartphone until you are given the signal of beginning of the choreography

Become a pixel

At the signal rise your screen towards the stage to become a pixel of the scenography

Live the experience

Band together with the other spectators to create light’s tricks and incredible choreographies

Choreographies with light

Lights' Tricks

With Bepix turn on the screens of your audience’s smartphones and coordinate them to perform one big colourful choreography and create incredible lights’ tricks.

They can be simple lights’ tricks or much more: colours, forms, figures, words, pictures! Get your spectators downloading Bepix app and make them part of something big!


Giochi di luceper spettacoli, concerti ed eventi sportivi - Bepix App Mobile
A live experience

Being part of the event

You are at the event you have planned, and you are watching your spectators singing, filming and turning on their smartphone torches. What about making them even more involved in the show? Let your audience build a direct connection with your singer, athletes, performer simply through their smartphones!

Turn on their screens in order to make appear on them amazing choreographies of lights’ tricks, pictures, words!

How can you let this happen?

Ask your spectators to download Bepix on their smartphones!

The platform features

The technology

Through the console coordinate the screen created by your audience’s smartphones and decide in how many maxi-screens split the original screen into. Each smartphone can be managed in order to create the desired lights’ tricks and choreographies in the crucial moments of the show.
Create the choreographies suited to the arrangement of the audience of the event (theatre, stadium, disco, lawn etc) and preview them on your device (pc, tablet, laptop etc) through the web-app in order to check them before the show.
Once you decide to start the choreography, the spectators’ smartphones vibrate and after a few moments the screens turn on in order to create the lights’ tricks, pictures, words you created.

Giochi di luce a ritmo di musica per eventi e concerti - Bepix App Mobile
Giochi di luce a ritmo di musica per eventi e concerti - Bepix App Mobile
Interactive choreographies

Diving into the show

The audience will be thrilled to actively take part to the choreography and watch on the maxi screens the effects it is creating.

Bepix technology allow you to turn on the screens of the spectators’ smartphones in the crucial moments of the show in order to amplify their feeling of engagement and make them live an unforgettable experience.


Bepix supports sport, which has always been a vehicle of values such as solidarity, loyalty and respect. It has the power to unite people, inspire them and change the world.
What do we do?

What is Bepix

Bepix is a platform for special effects and offers the possibility to create lights’ tricks and choreographies.

Bepix is equipped with a management console, a free app that must be downloaded on the audience’s smartphones and an electronic infrastructure that has to be installed on the site of the event in the case of more complex choreographies.

The management console allows the setting of the maxi screens made up by the smartphones suited for the audience arrangement, the personalisation of the single choreography defining what make appear, when and for how long.

On the basis of the desired special effects and the location you can choose the most fitted choreographies.

Examples of possible choreographies

on and off

of colours


Examples of complex choreographies with the electronic infrastructure

top down band

Luminous left-right
and right-left band





Bepix App

Bepix app (free) has to be downloaded by the spectators of the show on their own smartphones.
If they click “PARTICIPATE”, the “Participate” mode will automatically connect them to the event on going.
When the choreography starts each smartphone vibrates and each screen turns on of a specific colour depending on its location in order to give birth to the choreography created by the management console.
Even if Bepix app is opened, the smartphone will continue to regularly work.
Bepix app has in addition to the “Participate” mode a “Stand Alone-Create” mode in order to autonomously create lights’ tricks only on the smartphone on which it is downloaded.

The “Stand Alone-Create” mode can be used to liven up small events, private parties, etc and enables to make simple pre-defined and personalized lights’ tricks. The sequences of colours can be shared with the participants of the event.

In order to create the lights’ tricks, turn off the lights, launch Bepix app and click “CREATE” then choose the choreography most suited for the event, party etc and start it.

How does Bepix work?

Click here to watch the Presentation


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