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Downloading the Bepix app is easy and free.
Simply go to the App Store or Google Play to configure it on your smartphone.

With the CREATE feature, you can choose, create, or independently set on your phone the combination of lights and colors you prefer. You'll find many pre-made effects for your parties, as well as the possibility to create customized ones. The sequences can also be shared with other party participants.

With the PARTICIPATE mode, you can interact with the singer, presenter, or event speaker, becoming personally involved in the show by coloring the audience through your smartphone screen.

Our App

"Participate" in the Event

The Bepix app should be downloaded by all spectators onto their smartphones before the show begins, and through the “Participate” mode, they can automatically connect to the ongoing event.

Each smartphone will be activated through the app at the scheduled start of the light games. Depending on its location, each phone will light up with different colors to bring the choreography created and managed by the central console to life.

Even with the app open, the smartphone will function normally.

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Our App

Two Packages
for Endless Emotions

With Bepix, you can choose STAR or LIGHT.

The app encompasses technology developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin, allowing the creation of luminous choreographies with the audience, coloring their smartphones to turn them into pixels of a massive ‘screen’.

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With Bepix LIGHT, we can color the audience through centralized management of smartphones, without detection, or by detecting the position with GPS with an accuracy of 15-20 meters, without the use of electronic infrastructure.

The choreographies that we can set in this mode will be able to 'light up' the entire audience with a single color or with a 'Sparkle' effect, involving an alternation between two or more colors.

In this case, we will be able to divide the event location into macro sectors, each capable of having independent choreographies set to 'Monochrome' or 'Sparkle' effects.


Examples of possible choreographies without electronic infrastructure 

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Bepix STAR

Thanks to the advanced technology of Bepix, choosing the STAR package allows you to color the audience at your event using centralized management of smartphones, even setting the color for each individual seat.

You can create the perfect combination of light games, colors, writings, and shapes, designed based on the layout of the event venue, and preview it on your device through our web app.

Through special sensors and a wiring structure, we can automatically detect smartphones even in the absence of specific numbered seats.

Ideal for seated venues, it can be manually set up through scanning a QR code.


Examples of Complex Choreographies with electronic

Transform Your Audience into Pixels

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